Handbag Hangers get Redesigned

I have been re-acquainting myself with bag caddies which I first encountered several years ago.  At the time I believed that they were a fantastic concept, however in no time at all saw they were more than that.  In one of my earlier feature I outlined the lack of hygiene our bags face when we leave them on the floor and other surfaces.

Handbag Hangers

handbag designers have also improved and added to the classic Purse Caddy and the market now offers in addition to the Classic Purse Hook ; Folding Purse Hook  and Bracelet Purse Hook

The Classic range, a neat, timeless hanger is just the right size to fit perfectly in our pocket book .There are many elegant and unique designs and manufacturers even offer a customised hanger! In addition to purse hooks, you can also buy matching cell phone hooks in this range.   They  clip not only to the phone but to the bag as well – eliminating the mad scramble that ensues when it is ringing madly and remains elusively hidden at the bottom or in a corner of your purse

The Folding Purse Hooks are a very useful design. Only two inches across, and weighing only a couple of ounces, they slip into the smallest of bags. Slightly more expensive than the Classic range, these would probably be considered more of an accessory than the Classics which, although neat and pretty, are more functional.  The Folding Purse Hook is attractive by design, carries out its function, and then folds away for storing in our purse .

Only a tiny bit more expensive than the Folding Hook,  there are the Bracelet Handbag Hangers which, just like the name suggests, can be worn , making them not only stylish but practical – a really elegant personal or bag accessory, but even so fulfilling the function of a handbag hook , keeping our bags off the floor.

Some of the current designs are fabulous and, it could be said, you really don’t need a handbag to accompany them!

At the end of the day , all three designs are functional, unique and elegant and all  are reasonably priced .  If we care to make the effort, for little extra cost, our purses can be more hygienically protected.

I shall be interested to see how this market develops .  I believe there is still scope for more designs in all three ranges, and who knows, a brand new Purse Hook .


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