How To Care For Your Gold Aquamarine Rings

Gold Aquamarine Rings

Aquamarines are naturally occurring gem stones from beryl family. Its other famous cousins include garnet and emerald. They are exquisite as center stones in any setting. By taking good care of them today, your gold aquamarine rings should stay beautiful in times to come, maybe even after it has been passed over several generations.


Aquamarines have a hardness of 7.5 to 8 in the Mohs hardness scale, which means it is relatively hardy. All you need for a good cleaning are some mild soap, a brush down with a soft toothbrush and a soft cloth for drying, preferably 100% cotton. Here are other things to remember:

1. Store your gold aquamarine rings separately in its box away from other jewelry to prevent it from scratching other jewelry and them from scratching it. This applies to both its gold setting and the stone itself. A stone that is harder like a diamond has the potential to scratch the aquamarine.

2. Be careful when and where you’re wearing your gold aquamarine ring. If you work a lot with your hands, such as gardening, then it is not advisable to wear it when you are working to protect it from being scratched experience sharp blows. Similarly, if you work somewhere where there is a possibility of exposure to harsh chemicals, like a hospital or lab, for instance, it is not advisable to wear it at work. The chemicals can potentially damage your gold aquamarine ring.

3. Don’t wear your gold aquamarine rings in a swimming pool or hot tub because the chlorine can damage certain gem stone and metal, including gold . If in a very busy swimming pool, you can accidentally hit your ring against the edge and loosen the setting.

4. When going out for the night, you’d probably want to show off that beautiful ring to your friends, right? Won’t they just turn green with envy. But remember, when preparing for the night out, don’t wear the ring when you’re putting on your makeup or hairspray. They contain chemicals that can be harmful to jewelry. Aquamarines are porous, so any liquid that sits on it will eventually seep into it and leave ugly stains. Only slip on that ring on your finger after you are ready to leave.

5. If you are someone who works outdoors frequently, like a Sales Executive who travels a lot, it’s not advisable to wear the gold aquamarine ring all the time. Sunlight can make the color of aquamarine lighter.

6. Heat is another thing that has the ability to affect your gold aquamarine ring. Don’t keep your ring near a heating vent, window sill or in the car. Heat can affect the quality of aquamarines in a number of ways such as fading its color and brilliance. It can also affect the setting because gold reacts to heat. Gold also tarnishes with heat. It is best to store your gold aquamarine ring some place cool and dark.

Bearing these helpful tips in mind should help you keep your gold aquamarine rings in perfect conditions in times to come and even to be passed down for generations.


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