Men’s Rolex Date Vs Men’s Rolex Datejust Watches

Rolex Day and Rolex Datejust are with out doubt one of the two a lot well-known model in the Rolex collection. The common question is :”Which is the big difference between these two designs?” Given that each of the watches look almost the same it is simple to get confused ,particularly when you are acquiring on the internet, and you are only able to see pictures.

Rolex Datejust

In actuality both watches are the same besides for the size big difference. The Datejust situation measures 36 mm in width and its bracelet is 20 mm. Whilst the Day has 34 mm situation and 19 mm Band. Thus which makes them unique is 2 mm on the case and 1 mm on the band. If you are at a jewellery store would be easy to differentiate them once you possess the timepieces aspect by aspect . Having said that what if you do not possess them to evaluate simply because you solely see one model at the store or simply because you see it on the internet? Properly it is easy if you have the reference number.

The Rolex Datejust would possess versions such as 116200, 16200, 16000, 1600. The Rolex Date would possess figures like 115200, 15200, 15000, 1500. It should all rely how old the observe is and which comes equipped with it has. As a govern of thumb commit to memory that Datejust can have 16 in separating and the Day 15 in between. Usually sellers put the model figures on the descriptions of items , if not simply ask them and they could politely supply them. If you have the watch in your possession you can also remove the bracelet and the reference amounts will be on the case between the lugs.

If you are wanting to buy a Rolex watch and you are undecided separating these two types then simply bear in mind that the Datejust is somewhat greater. If you are hunting for a smaller see afterwards the Date is your finest alternative in any other case the Datejust is your observe. Additionally it is critical to know that also though they are regarded as to be men’s timepieces, that common does not exist anymore since they are very well-known among women and the trend is heading toward larger timepieces everyday.


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