Should You Buy Louis Vuitton Singapore Speedy 30

I have always wanted a Louis Vuitton Singapore bag since the 80′s and decided to just go for it in 2006. I bought the Speedy 30 and the Groom Series (with the hotel porter) wallet. I love the wallet and it has worn pretty well. There is some deterioration of the red stripe since I use it everyday so that is reasonable .

I use my Speedy purse maybe 20% of the time. For your information, I only paid $620 for it in 2006 . That bag is now $700. The dollar has depreciated against the euro but really, a 12% increase for a canvas bag?

louis vuitton singapore bags

About 6 months ago I noticed that there was a bump in the leather seam on the bottom of the bag. The leather looked as though it was wearing too thin and exposing the plastic underneath. Apparently plastic is what really holds the bag together. The leather seems to be entirely cosmetic.

I went to Louis Vuitton Singapore yesterday to get my bag fixed. The sales person inspected the bag and told me that it’s past its 1-year warranty and there would be a charge of $70. I became upset and asked for the manager. The manager eventually agreed to waive the repair fee.

Although my bag will be fixed for free, I’m still very disappointed in Louis Vuitton. Their bags are expensive and should be good quality and not just status associated with them. Their monogram canvas collection appears to have become mass market now. I believe that no quality or exclusivity is associated with it any more (except for the trunks and custom orders).

I took a 20 year-old bucket LV bag to a well-recommended purse repair shop. The owner gave me an earful about my Speedy. Compared to the old bucket bag, my bag seemed of a lesser quality, and mass-produced. The owner pointed out how cheap and thin they thought the leather was.

On the other hand, Louis Vuitton Singapore bags are considered to be of excellent quality, utterly fashionable, unique, and beautiful inside and out! However, they can be rather expensive and the leather do fades and darkens easily.

The thing that is super about Louis Vuitton is that it represents a high class luxury fashion house. If you look at a Louis Vuitton up close and see all the stitches perfectly done, the superb job printing the monogram canvas, and the timeless look that it carries. It’s a dream. For me carrying a Louis Vuitton bag on my arm gives me confidence! I think it is priceless for a girl to have confidence from a handbag.


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