What riding jacket to go for?

riding jacketsWhether you are a seasoned equestrian or a  casual rider,  what clothing  you wear makes an impact on your riding, comfort and confidence. While purchasing your riding apparel, be it jackets, breeches or boots , extra care must be exercised. Comfort is the main criterion  while buying women’s riding jackets . If you are not comfortable in the jacket or riding boots you wear, it can  may   affect your performance.

Another thing to consider when  purchasing  women’s riding jackets is the fitting. More than the appearance of the jacket, it is its fitting on the rider that decides the impression the rider makes on the onlookers. A loose or too-tight jacket  can make you look unprofessional and even affects your riding, whereas a jacket that fits  perfectly   makes the rider look professional and stylish. Hence, while buying a jacket make sure you get one where there is plenty of space for hand and body movement. At the same time it should look as if itis custom  made for you.

Also, it is best to avoid riding jackets that are the cheapest you can buy,  these can wear out very quickly sometimes it better to get quality garments    . When it comes to riding jackets,  qualilty and top brands are more important than cost  . Most often they will be a one time investment , and therefore you need to give more attention to quality and appearance than the price tag.

For men’s riding jackets, there are many reputed brands like  Mountain Horse  , Pikeur , Equetech and  Horze   that provide jackets in different styles and designs. A good brand ensures durability and comfort. men’s riding jackets are available in different styles, such as with or without a velvet collar, regular pockets or zip pockets, light weight for summer or lined jackets for winter, etc. These are all available in different sizes and colours. Jackets made of windproof and waterproof fabric make riding comfortable in any weather. Georg Schumacher  offers  riding jackets that change from season to season.

There are many shops that can provide men’s riding jackets. For best results, it is better to find one that has a lot of extra facilities like sizing charts, online ordering and home delivery, in addition to a vast range of jackets. For online shoppers, just giving size specifications and colour preferences can ensure delivery of products without having to depend on whether your particular preference is in stock. Online stores can provide you with a wide range of choices of brand, design and style, apart from that of size and colour. They will also be able to provide you with tips on the latest trends in jackets and other Horse Riding Apparel.


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